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Update: Central Park Karen Says She Still Feel As If She Had No Other Choice But To Call The Police On Black Male!


Central Park Karen” also known as Amy Cooper has recently come forward to break down her viral 2020 incident of falsely calling the police on a Black man!

Earlier this week while on the Honestly with Bari Weiss” podcast Central Park Karen said that she still feels as if she exhausted all options before calling the police. She says the whole ordeal has left her “terrified” to walk her dog in public.

“I don’t know that as a woman alone in a park that I had another option,” said Central Park Karen.

Central Park Karen has forwarded claims that she was about to put the leash on the dog when she alleges that Christian Cooper told her that if she didn’t comply, he’d do something that she was “not going to like.”

Soon after she realized that Christian had began filming her.

“It’s really weird because he’s still standing there, you know, same very physical posture, and suddenly out of him comes this voice from man who’s been very dominant towards me,”.

“I’d explored all my options. I tried to leave. I tried to look for anyone who’s around,” Karen recalls.

“There was no noise, no sound. And it was, you know, it was my last attempt to sort of hope that he would step down and leave me alone.”

She says that she is terrified to walk her dog in the woods because she doesn’t want someone to see her walking home after going viral.

Karen reveals that she still hasn’t spoken to him since the altercation went viral which led to her being fired from her job.

When asked what she would want to say to him since the incident she replied, “ a lot.”

“I have zillion questions of course in my head or things I’d like to say, but the one that really, I really would just like to start and open this conversation with is, ‘You scared me,’” says Karen.

“And really just leave it there and leave it to him to respond back to me as to what he wants to say back to that because I think that opens the door to a conversation.”

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