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Apryl Jones Speaks On Co-Parenting With Omarion And That She Keeps Getting Served Court Documents In Regards To Her Kids!


Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast member Apryl Jones is known for speaking candidly with her fans on social media when it comes down to certain details in her life.

In her latest Instagram live convo the mother of two discusses her current relationship with Omarion in regards to co-parenting after one of her followers asked what’s the status on you and the kids dad.

Apryl states that their relationship is nonexistent and that they’ve found a method that works where she only deals with the people close to Omarion that helps him with their children.

Apryl also forwards claims that despite them being broken up for over five years she’s still being served court documents in regards to their son Megaa and daughter A’mei.

She says that not only does she wish it would stop but that she doesn’t understand it.

” Constantly having to deal with that and court I’m tired and I would preferably like for it to stop. That’s just what it’s boiled down to.”

Apryl continues, “ But like I said we’ve figured out a method where it doesn’t bother me anymore about being served,” she laughed.

She says that’s she’s hopeful that things will get to a better place and that they’ll get to a, common ground.”

“ It’s been six years. We have not been together for six years , so I don’t understand what the problem is. It’s not like I am a crazy baby mama that’s going to knock on your door… Take the kids and have a good time.”

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