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Teens Create History As First Black Girl Duo To Win Harvard Competition!


Please join us in sending a major congratulations to high-school students Jayla Jackson and Emani Stanton as they have officially created history as the first Black girl duo to ever win the international debate competition at Harvard!

The annual annual summer debate competition takes place at Harvard University each year reports Black Enterprise.

Harvard Debate Council is considered one of the oldest campus organizations at Harvard University. The university hosts a summer residential program for over hundreds of gifted youths deriving from a total of 15 countries around the world.

Both Jayla and Emani are apart of the the Atlanta-based Harvard Diversity Project. The program was originally created by Harvard debate coach and author Brandon P. Fleming in efforts of establishing diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus.

It has been indicated that each year Brandon scouts out Black youth in Atlanta with little to no prior debate experience.

He trains commits to training students every weekend for one year in Atlanta until the Harvard summer program. The initiative helps expose students to higher level academic disciplines.

Reports read that within the last four years, Brandon has helped secure over $1 million in enrollment with over 100 African-American students into the Harvard debate residency on full scholarship.

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