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U.S Senate Passes Unanimous Bill Establishing August. 11th As,”Hip- Hop Celebration Day” And November “Hip Hop Month”


Hip Hop is finally getting the long overdue flowers it deserves, after decades worth of influence its being solidified as an official American holiday!

On Monday the U.S passed an unanimous bill making August 11th “Hip Hop Celebration Day” and November designates as “ Hip Hop History Month”

According to The Hill, the bill was originally proposed and introduced on July 29th to commemorate the historic day Hip Hop was originally birthed within a “Back To School Jam” organized by DJ Kool Herc, also known as Clive Campbell, alongside his sister Cindy on Aug. 11, 1973.

The recently passed bill classifies, “Hip Hop as a genre that “transcend[s] many different ages, ethnicities, religions, locations, political affiliations, and socioeconomic statuses, which demonstrates the melting-pot quality of Hip Hop art and culture.”

Reports read that Senators Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and Alex Padilla (D-CA) are cosponsors of recently passed resolution. 

It has been indicated that a resolution bill does not need House approval or the signature of the President. The Hill report that the new bill will encourage, senators to plan celebratory activities that commemorate Hip Hop’s cultural influence in the U.S., and recommends local governments build partnerships with local Hip Hop organizations and communities as a way to support the development of music and arts.

📸: Sean Mccabe

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