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R.Kelly Accused Of asexually Abusing Two Teen Boys In New Court Documents!


As R. Kelly ‘s official trial date nears in New York the defamed singer has racked up the possibility of additional charges following allegations that he sexually abused two under age boys!

New York prosecutors are currently accusing Kelly of having a sexual relationship with two male teenagers according to court documents obtained by the Jasmine Brand .

Reports from the 2006 documents indicate that Kelly met a young male referred to as John Doe and asked him, “ what was he willing to do succeed in the music business,” with notions that he would directly mentor him.

The documents further explain that Kelly wanted the young teen to engage in sexual acts with him. The teen states he was also introduced to another teen by Kelly.

The complaint states that within the next series of years Kelly asked another unidentified male teen to engage in sexual acts with him and allegedly paid him for it.

Sources have confirmed that both teens were only 17 years old.

The Jasmine Brand states that prosecutors are set to call on a witness willing to testify testify that Kelly made her download child pornography. Reports read that the complaint stated they found screen recordings of young males engaging in sex acts, video on the device also indicates the file was created on the device May 26, 2019.”

Kelly has continued to deny all claims. He’s currently awaiting trial in a New York jail. Jury selection begins in two weeks.

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