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Deion Sanders Speaks On The Importance Of Following A Viral Video Of Him Walking Out Of An Interview!


NFL legend and coach Deion Sanders has been trending on social media after he walked out of an interview following a media correspondent failing to put respect on his name!

The incident occurred at the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) media day while conducting press conferences for HBCUs when Coach Sanders walked out of a virtual interview yesterday.

Within the viral clip coach Sanders corrected a reporter for calling him by his first name.

The reporter completely disregarded Deion’s request and continued to ask the coach a question, however he wasn’t here for the disrespect and walked out.

Coach Deion addressed the situation on Instagram in a post that read, “This is how all of this started, I really Pray for all of us because this was something so minimal that was hilarious to me that you allowed a FOOLISH media outlet and person to play on your Preconceived notions. I’m all about Peace,Love,Work,Commitment,Sacrifice & Forgiveness.”

He continues, “Stop allowing folks you don’t have a relationship with to convince you otherwise about someone you do have a relationship with. I’ve been 💯 with you since 85 and I ain’t gon stop now that I’m COACH PRIME.”

”And I had a GREAT TIME AT THE HBCU PRESS CONFERENCE & I NEVER LEFT. I LEFT THE FOOLISHNESS BECAUSE I’ve learned the gift of walking away from Mess. Ladies and Gentlemen stop allowing disrespect! People will do what they think they can get away with! Not today, God bless u all.“

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