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2, 4 & 6 Subway Lines Reporter As The Dirtiest In New York City!


Metropolitan Transit Authority is currently experiencing a rapid increase in dirty training conditions ruling the 2,4 and 6 lines at the very top of the list!

According to PIX 11 , there has been a noticeable rise in soiled train cars beginning since the very start of 2021.

Sources have confirmed that hundreds of train cars have recently been covered in feces, vomit, blood and garbage. Also including the numerous discoveries of pools of urine and syringes on the train floors.

Reports read that a total of 67 No. 4 trains were reported unsanitary, 66 soiled No. 6 trains and 57 No. 2 trains.

However the L train has been identified as the cleanest line with only a handful of cars being ruled as dirty.

“Incidents like this are unfortunate. They’re unsanitary for our customers and deeply unfair and disturbing for transit cleaners,” says MTA spokesperson Andrei Berman.

They’re also a reminder of the need for more mental health outreach and social service support in the city and throughout the system.”

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