Women Runs To Help Friend in a domestic violence dispute; End up dead and dismembered by boyfriend and friend.

It began with a call from her bestfriend saying she was having a “ tough time “ with her boyfriend. On August 21 Lisa Marie Velasquez, 25 was last seen rushing out of her home to help her close friend Ciara Martinez handle a domestic Violence dispute.

Missing reports were issued and calls were made to the local police after Velasquez didn’t return home. On August 25th a human head and torso was found in a black garbage bag outside Cortona Park. Three days later a foot hanging outside of a bag within the Barretto Point Park area was found.


Ciara Martinez, 30 and Daquan Wheeler,31 have had a long time history of domestic violence. Velasquez who had to witness her pregnant Mother’s murder, at 12 years old due to domestic violence has a deeper connection with situations of this magnitude.


Velasquez entered the home to make sure her friend was safe, and Wheeler became further more enraged with anger as she attempted to get between the two. He then took a hammer and hit Velasquez in the back of her head multiple times until she died.


According to #Pix11 Martinez, who was a witness to the incident, helped dispose of the corpse. Wheeler has been charged with murder, manslaughter, concealment of a human corpse, tampering with physical evidence and criminal possession of a weapon. Ciara Martinez, was also charged with criminal facilitation, hindering prosecution, concealment of a human corpse, conspiracy and tampering with physical evidence.

When asked how could she do this to her friend; Martinez responded “ I didn’t, I loved her. She was my friend “

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