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T.I Addresses Numerous Sexual-Assault Accusations In Newly Released Song!


TI is utilizing his craft within music to address the numerous allegations made against him and his wife Tameka Harris for sexual assault in a newly released single titled ‘What It’s Come To’

As we previously reported the Atlanta couple are being accused of numerous sexual assault incidents involving drugging of various women in which they’ve repeatedly denied.

Within the single T.I also known as Tip Harris raps,” “They say hell have no fury like a woman scorned, f*** that, I’m cranking up the jury, who you lying on shawty.”

He continues by referencing that the accusers are attempting to extort him for money as well as personal gain and that such extreme cases shouldn’t be handled anonymously.

Towards the end of the single, T.I references being behind bars for a year after refusing to speak to police within their investigation of Big Meech, the notorious king pin convicted for drug dealing.

The rapper compares the situations. By futher explaining that Meech was “willing to face whatever consequences for his vision, while I’m up against some lying-a** b****.”

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