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Breonna Taylor Honored With Exhibit At Louisville Museum; ” Promise, Witness, Remembrance”


An official exhibit has been created to honor the life and legacy of Breonna Taylor at the Speed Art Museum located in Louisville!

From April. 7th to June 6th The ‘Promise, Witness, Remembrance’ exhibit will bring fourth awareness to Breonna’s life and her tragic murder, with the direct help from her family reports Travel Noire.

“This exhibition will reflect on the life of Breonna Taylor, her killing in 2020, and the year of protests that followed, in Louisville and around the world, exploring the dualities between a personal, local story and the nation’s reflection on the promise, witness, and remembrance of too many Black lives lost to gun violence,” reads a description from the museum’s website.

Sources have confirmed that Allison Glenn has been named the guest curator for the temporary installed showcase.

It has been indicated that Glenn spoke with Breonna’s mother Tamika Palmer, her close family members, local activists, community members, and artists to create an even depiction of her life before and after her passing. 

“First, I spoke with Breonna’s mother, and asked how we might think of her daughter’s legacy, and translated that into the three ideas: promise, witness, remembrance. Then I convened a national panel,” says Glenn to the NY Times.

Reports read that following conversations with Breonna’s family and partnering with members of the National Advisory Panel, along with mental health professionals, and researchers, Glenn has decided that the exhibit will surround her Vanity Fair cover. 

The exhibit was be separated into three impactful and thought provoking themes.

 ‘Promise’ will discuss the founding of the United States of America and how the “promises” don’t seem to protect Black lives.

 ‘Witness’ will reflect mainly on the visual perception of local Louisville-based photographers.

Remembrance’ is set to address the most recent history of gun violence in America, including police brutality and the countless killings that have derived from the actions of these senseless events.

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