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Willow Smith Breaks Through Punk Rock Music Scene With Release Of New Single, “Transparent Soul”


Multitalented artist Willow Smith has officially joined the Pop Punk music scene with the release of her latest single, “Transparent Soul”

Within the recently released visual Willow effortlessly taps into her inner goth and emo swag, proving that she is the Black Alt artist we never knew we needed.

Willow reveals in an interview with Rolling Stone that the song was inspired by a quote from Hindu guru Radhanath Swami that goes: “It is said that a saintly person is so pure that he or she acts like a spotless mirror. When we come in the presence of such a mirror-like soul, we can see both the beauty and ugliness of our inner life.”

She says, “I read that quote, and it really spoke to me,” Smith says. “And that’s kind of how the idea of this song came to be.”

Willow explains that her cross over to Pop derives from her love for Rock music since she was a child.

“When I first started doing my own music and my parents got me a vocal coach, we only did pop and R&B kind of vibes, and so for my entire life, I didn’t think I had the voice to sing this kind of music or sing rock in general.”

However her perception changed at the age of 12, after being influenced by artists such as Avril Lavigne and My Chemical Romance.

“That was insanely inspiring. I always felt like I wanted to do it, but for some reason was really insecure and felt like I couldn’t. And so when Covid hit and quarantine started, I just kind of needed something new — everything was slowing down, and I wanted to try something that I had never tried before.”

Stay tune as Willow is set to release the full project this summer!

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