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R Kelly Set To Be Moved To New York City For Sex-Trafficking Trial!


Following numerous delays a federal judge has officially okayed defamed recording artist and song writer R-Kelly to be moved to New York City for a scheduled sex trafficking trial!

According to ABC News, the trial is set to take place in Brooklyn Federal Court at a virtual hearing.

Reports read U.S District Judge Ann Donnelly informed lawyers that courthouse protections are set in place allowing the hearing to go forward on Aug. 9th, 2021.

It has been indicated that government officials will also have to take precautionary steps to move R.Kelly to a New York Jail.

There has been no specific details forwarded at time as of when the move will take place at this time.

Kelly has been imprisoned in Chicago since 2019 where he’s facing charges for a possible second trial for numerous sexual crimes.

His attorney Steve Greenberg states Kelly is looking forward to the trial in which he has denied all sex trafficking allegations.

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