FLIP THE SCRIPT: Stacey Abrams Helped Register Over 800,000 New Voters Across The State Of Georgia!


As we all celebrate the current notion of the state of Georgia turning blue for the first time in nearly thirty years we must be aware that the final count has not been confirmed as of yet!

However it is never too early to celebrate or pay recognition to a fellow Black women. For our cousins over on our Black Twitter side have made it crystal clear that the State of Georgia’s conversion derives from the work of Stacey Abrams .

Even after losing her own race in 2018 due to voter suppression, Stacey showed up and showed out helping to register over 800,000 new voters, reports Bet News .

Back in September Stacey stated, “ I had some time on my hands and, of course, as folks know, I really wanted to focus America’s attention on voter suppression, not just what happened in my election and to the voters in my state, but what was happening around the country.”

It has been indicated at one point Stacey was a potential Vice President selected candidate on the Biden ticket.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez took to social Friday morning to salute Stacey by saying, People need to really look at the communities who delivered these miraculous victories in AZ, GA, MI, MN, etc. They are rarely a focus of traditional political investment or electoral strategy,& are often sacrificed in policy negotiations. One “thank you” would be changing that.”

She continues, “What they have done – from @staceyabrams & @fairfightaction to @ConMijente and the whole underrecognized legion of organizers- is nothing short of remarkable. Give them their flowers 💐”

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