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House Passes George Floyd Reform Bill Advocating Against Police Misconduct!


The House of Representatives have officially approved a new bill into legislation with the initiative of breaking down and eliminating police misconduct, named in honor of fatal police brutality victim George Floyd!

Though the proposed bill has recently been passed this is actually the second time the House of Democrat’s have introduced a bill aimed at preventing police misconduct. However the bill was never officially passed into senate.

According to CNN News, the George Floyd Police reform bill was passed with a total vote of 220-212.

It has been indicated that Republican member, Rep. Lance Gooden of Texas has come forward to state he had voted yes initially but only accidentally, noting that he then changed his vote to no.

Sources have confirmed that the bill will act as a strategical blueprint for district attorneys and the entire legal system to enforce federal guidelines on tactics and behaviors that are not acceptable.

The bill will enforce bans against neck restraints, no-knock warrants during federal drug cases and set fourth reform to qualified immunity that prevents offending officers from being sued individually for civil rights infractions.

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