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Update: Central Park Karen Free Of Misdemeanor Charges!


Amy Cooper also known as Central Park #Karen has officially been freed of all misdemeanor charges after falsely accusing a Black birdwatcher of threatening her!

According to the NY Post , Central Park Karen was able to skip the charges after completing a few therapy sessions.

Reports read that a Manhattan judge ruled to have Central Park Karen’s case dismissed on the basis that she completed a total of five therapy sessions.

As we previously reported, Central Park Karen went viral back in May 2020 after being captured on cellphone footage lying to the cops by saying that Christian Cooper “ An African American man,” had threatened her and her dog.

Christian came forward and stated that he was only informing her of the park rules and that she should put a leash on her dog.

If convicted Central Park Karen could’ve faced up to one year in prison for falsely reporting an incident in the first degree.

It has been indicated that Christian wanted no parts of her prosecution, in his belief she had already paid a steep price.

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