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NY Police Official Pleads Guilty To Allegedly Hiring Hit-Man To Kill Her Husband!


A NYPD Officer is set to plead guilty following allegations that she hired a hit man to kill her estranged husband and her boyfriend’s daughter!

Valerie Cincelli,36 is currently facing murder-for-hire charges along with two counts of obstruction of justice following the attempted murder incident.

According to the NY Times , Valerie is set to enter a deal which is said to include a guilty plea. It has been indicated that as of right now its unclear what she will plead guilty to.

Reports read that back in February 2019 Valerie allegedly asked her boyfriend John DiRubba to hire a hit-man to murder her husband Isiah Carvalho. It appears that the two were separated at the time and were undergoing a divorce along with a custody battle for their son.

Court documents read that Valerie had withdrew a hefty $7,000 from a Long Island bank on February.18th, 2019 and that DiRubba reportedly purchased $6,935 worth of gold coins. It has been indicated that the couple had plans of paying the hired hit-man with the coins.

A filed complaint reads that the couple spoke upon the plot numerous times in recorded conversations by DiRubba who agreed to become a federal informant with officials. The conversations included the plot to kill Valerie’s husband as well as DiRubba’s daughter with both incidents taking place on separate dates.

Valerie had noted that her husband’s death wouldn’t be major news because she was setting it up to take place in the hood.

Reports read on May 17th a detective pretended that the murder plots had been completed and went to Valerie’s home for questioning. She contacted DiRubba following the visit and instructed him to get rid of all records about the plan. Valerie was reported as arrested by the FBI later within the day.

Valerie was suspending from her position without pay and argues that she didn’t believe DiRubba would act on “ his plan to commit these murders,” and that she didn’t pay him to do such a thing.

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