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Luxury Car Rental Service Company Suing Offset For Allegedly Losing Bentley!


Word on the street is Migos rap group member OffSet is currently being sued for not returning a new Bentley and also misplacing it!

According to court documents obtained by TMZ , Los Angeles based luxury rental service company Platinum Transportation Group accuses the rapper of renting a Bentley back in Spring 2020.

Sources have confirmed that the rental company established a contract with Offset in May, noting that the 2020 Bentley Bentayga was to be rented for a few days at the rate of under $600 a day.

It appears that Offset and the company originally agreed on a specified date however, he allegedly kept pushing the return date back. So it was later agreed that he could rent the vehicle until July.

The company alleges that around July 4th Offset informed them that he was not in possession of the vehicle and that he wasn’t aware of where it may be.

Reports claim that Offset had stopped making payments on the car after the contract ended on July 25th noting that he allegedly refused to pay anymore.

It has been indicated that the company is seeking damages for over $100K in missed revenue.

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