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Black Attorney Racially Profiled And Convicted Of Crime For Dressing Down In Court!


A Black attorney has been convicted after being racially profiled in court for simply dressing down in plain clothing!

Jays Person- Lynn, 38 received a sentencing of one year probation upon charges of obstructing or delaying a peace officer within the San Bernardino courtroom following a 2019 altercation, reports TMZ.


Person-Lynn has come forward to state that he stopped by the courthouse on his day off not wearing a suit only to change a hearing date for one of his clients.

He believed he could complete the task quickly with a clerk, however he was swiftly approached by sheriff deputies within the courtroom upon entry.

Recently released footage shows the incident without audio in the first few moments. Person-Lynn appears to walks in the courtroom and makes his way to the clerk when he is stopped by two deputies and immediately confronted.

A female deputy can be heard asking who Person-Lynn was an what did he want exactly. He then explains himself while identifying that he’s an attorney. It wasn’t long before Person-Lynn was pushed and escorted out of the courtroom.

He stated that he was going to go after the deputies for racially profiling him and their unethical actions. Person-Lynn was tased by the unidentified deputy as they state he threatened them with clinched fists.

Person-Lynn was arrested and booked in the county jail the same day. The case went to trail and he was sentenced the first week of 2021. The attorney states he’s going to appeal the sentence on charges of excessive force and racial profiling.

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