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Social Media Users React To Michael B. Jordan And Lori Harvey’s Reported Relationship!


The internet was declared broken quite a few times last week but none of them compares to the Instagram reportedly declared couple of Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan !

eZy Watermark_10-01-2021_08-33-08PM.jpegeZy Watermark_10-01-2021_08-33-08PM.jpeg

Both Michael and Lori sent social media users up the wall Sunday evening as they posted never before seen flicks with one another on Instagram.

eZy Watermark_10-01-2021_08-33-24PM.jpegeZy Watermark_10-01-2021_08-33-24PM.jpeg

Micheal’s post included three images of him and Lori gazing at each other with no caption. Lori’s consisted of a combination of photographs headlining a single image of Michael kissing her cheek with a short and sweet caption that read, “🤎”

Though neither party has ever confirmed or denied their relationship, the two have been spotted spending time together during both Thanksgiving and Christmas 2020.

Cousins be sure to let us know your reactions, thoughts and feelings following the big news.

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