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Black Twitter Reacts To Trump Mobsters US Capitol Take Over!


Following Donald Trump’s countless false remarks and statements in regards to the 2020 election his supporters have decided to take over the US Capitol this afternoon!

Within a recent tweet forwarded on Wednesday afternoon Trump advised his following, “never to concede” the election. His statement amplified the notion for protestors to take matters into their own hands.

According to Yahoo News, the mob of Trump supporters entered the House of Representatives causing legislators and staff members to seek shelter.

It has been indicated that the mobs main initiative was to stop the congressional certification of the electoral vote.

Our cousins over on our Black twitter side have chimed in on the apparent and obvious differences at hand. The way Trump supporters are being handled by officials as they overthrow a federal building in comparison to how Black lives matter protesters were mistreated as they peacefully protested in summer 2020.

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this?

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