Trump Mobster US Capitol Takeover Leaves 4 People Dead And 52 Arrested!


Four people have officially been pronounced dead following a vicious and chaotic attempt to overthrow certification of the electoral vote at the hands of Trump mobsters US Capitol takeover!

Following a series of tweets directly forwarded by Donald Trump pertaining to false theories of a rigged election weighing in favor of Joe Bidden, thousands of his supporters stormed the steps, building and overall premises of the US Capitol in rage.

According to CBS News , the four people including two men and two women were killed following the riot. Ashli Babbit an Air Force Veteran from California was amongst those killed as she was shot by Capitol Police.

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Prior to her death Babbit tweeted, “Nothing will stop us….they can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours….dark to light!“

The New York Post confirms her family wasn’t directly informed of her death they found out from news reports. “I’m numb. I’m devastated. Nobody from DC notified my son and we found out on TV,” states Babbit’s mother-in-law , Robin Babbitt. “She is a Trump supporter.

Though the other 3 people identities haven’t been revealed it has been reported that they died from medical emergencies while in the Capitol area.

52 people were arrested, Fourteen DC Police were left injured with one remaining in critical condition. Further reports confirm two pipe bombs were recovered along with a long gun and Molotov cocktails within Capitol grounds.

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