#SpeakOnIt: Bennie Man Calls Out Billboard For Lack Of Inclusion Within Verzuz Cover Story!


#Billboard magazine has caused quite the controversy as they recently honored the popular VERSUZ music battle brand. The recently debut cover story featured Verzuz co-founders #SwizzBeats and #Timbaland alongside some of the most watched artists while making it painfully obvious that they forget to forward a salute to its most record breaking contributors; Dance Hall legends #BeenieMan and #BountyKiller!

After the cover story made its rounds on social media Beenie Man took to Twitter to not only call out Billboard for lt’s lack of inclusion but to also note that Dance Hall as a genre always faces this issue when it comes down to acknowledgement.

Beenie tweets, β€œI guess billboard is REALLY THAT GUY πŸ€”,” Beenie Man tweeted. β€œWhen will DANCEHALL get it’s recognition???? Nuh matter how the impact, no matter the hard work, no matter how powerful the music is, them still try it everytime them get a chance. Ah time now man. #FixUp… Big up Swizz & Timz but this is what our genre face! Everybody fwd and tek piece and build up dem thing and then do everything to undermine the genre DANCEHALL where they got it from.”

Within response to Billboard’s original cover Swizz took to social media to debut an edited version that included Beenie Man and Bounty Killer in the forefront. His caption reads, β€œTo our fans, while we are honored that Verzuz made the cover of Billboard, this would not have been possible without Beenie Man and Bounty Killer who set a big tone for our audience and represented for Jamaica. πŸ™πŸ½β€œ.

β€œThank You Billboard for the acknowledgement but, we feel this version of the cover best represents THE VERZUZ EFFECT.”

Reports read that the editor of the article has come forward to state that she had obtained no creative control over the front cover after she was attacked on social media by fans.


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