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House Passes $2,000 Covid Relief Plan, Bernie Sanders Demands Senate To Do The Right Thing!


As of right now the long awaited Covid relief plan is within an overall limbo between $2,000 , $600 or ultimately nothing!

To help clear up any unwarned confusion here’s what we know: on Sunday Donald Trump signed the original proposed relief package for $900 billion which proposed the second round of stimulus checks to be $600 per applicable individual. However he argued that the amounts be pushed to $2,000.

In response to Trump’s argument as well as house speaker Nancy Pelosi , the house then voted in favor of the $600 to $2000 increase on Monday evening.

But it doesn’t end there, the bill now has to be passed to senate which is majority republicans. It has been stated that they are more concerned with the amount of debt the bill will cause than the thousand to millions of families the pandemic has already caused harm to.

Bernie Sanders has currently taken the floor to argue that the increase is necessary and that he is not taking no for an answer.

“We are coming to the close of one of the most tragic years in our history. The American people are hurting. They need help. The House overwhelmingly passed $2,000 direct checks.”

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