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Breonna Taylor Statue Smashed And Busted In Oakland, Sculptor Says The Vandalism Wasn’t At Random!


Absolutely horrific images of a newly created statue honoring the life and legacy of Breonna Taylor has been reported as completely vandalized recently!

Oakland police officials are currently investigating the hateful crime that took place over the holiday weekend leaving Breonna’s statue smashed in and busted, reports CNBC


Sources have confirmed that the statue was created only two weeks ago within the Latham Square area near City Hall, sculpted by Leo Carson.

Carson believes the act was purposely done and that it was a direct attack on the Black Lives Matter movement. “Looks like they hit it with a baseball bat along the back.”


“I don’t think there’s a single person in Oakland who doesn’t know who Breonna Taylor is, and I don’t think you attack a sculpture like that by accident,” states Carson. “And I think that it was an act of racism and an act of aggression and intimidation.”

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