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Gabrielle Union And Keith Powers To Star In New Romantic Comedy Film For Netflix!


Beloved actors Gabrielle Union and Keith Powers are joining forces within a hot new romantic comedy film for Netflix!

“ The Perfect Find” depicts the life of hopeful beauty journalist Jenna Jones played by Gabrielle, and her jumpstart into a new life; reports Deadline.

Jenna’s new journey involves a new job and complicated relationship which just so happens to be with her new boss’s son Eric played by Keith.

Eric works for the same company as Jenna as a videographer. Things get a little staticky between him and Jenna due to the fact that he doesn’t initially disclose the fact that he’s the son of the boss.

Sources have confirmed that Gabrielle will also be wearing her producer’s hat for the film alongside Jeff Morrone, Tommy Oliver, Codie Elaine Oliver and Confluential Films.

It has been indicated that the film is based upon Tia Williams 2016 book that was later adapted to a screen play by Leigh Davenport.

There has been no details upon when the film will be set for release, however we are beyond excited for it.

Cousins be sure to stick with us for further details!

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