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Clinical Social Worker’s Home Wrongfully Raided By Chicago Police As She Is Handcuffed Naked!


A clinical social worker has been forced to relive one of the most terrifying and humiliating moments within her life after her apartment was wrongfully raided by Chicago officials as she stood completely naked in her bedroom!

Anjanette Young had recently arrived home from work as she began to settle down for the evening. In the midst of her undressing she heard the loud screaming and smashing of Chicago police breaking down her door.

“Before I knew it, there was a swarm of police officers,” says Anjanette with tearful eyes.

“They had these big guns, long guns with scopes and lights… I thought they were going to shoot me.” She states that she told them numerous times that they had the wrong house.

“Oh my God, this cannot be right. How is this legal?”

According to CBS News , officials indeed raided the wrong home and that the suspect who’s residence they were looking for could’ve easily been tracked by the ankle monitor he was wearing.

Sources have confirmed that the horrific incident took place in February 2019 and that Chicago police have been working overtime to keep the video out of the public eye since then.

“I feel like they didn’t want us to have this video because they knew how bad it was,” stated Anjanette l. “They knew they had done something wrong. They knew that the way they treated me was not right.”

Reports read that Anjanette remained naked and handcuffed while in a room full of male officers for more than 10 minutes until a female officer arrived. She states the woman uncuffed her, took her into another room to get dressed and then placed the cuffs back on her.

Much later within the video a Chicago sergeant is seen apologizing to Anjanette, “I do apologize for bothering you tonight. I assure you that the city will be in contact with you tomorrow.”

Anjanette had to filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department and a court order had to force officials to forward complete footage of the raid.

“If this had been a young woman in Lincoln Park by herself in her home naked, a young white woman — let’s just be frank – if the reaction would have been the same? I don’t think it would have been,” says Anjanette’s attorney Keenan Saulter.

“I think the officers would have saw that woman, rightfully so, as someone who was vulnerable, someone who deserved protection, someone who deserved to have their dignity maintained. They viewed Ms. Young as less than human.”

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