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Tommy Tiny ‘Debo’ Lister Recovered From COVID-19 Prior To His Passing But Feared Testing Positive For A Second Time!


Celebrities, fans and social media users have forwarded an outpour of love following the recent and shocking passing of Thomas Tiny ‘Debo’ Lister!

The beloved actor had been recovering from COVID-19 and feared that he’d test positive for the virus again.

According to People Tommy’s manager Cindy Cowan had stated that he exhibited COVID symptoms before his passing.

It has been indicated that since he originally tested positive and recovered

Tommy, 62 had been within perfect health. However it wasn’t until recently he became fatigue and having complications breathing.

“He got a positive result back about four months ago and obviously recovered from that,” says Cindy.

“He kind of was one of those people that used the lockdown to work out and get in the best shape ever,” Cindy continues. “He actually looked the best he’s ever looked and I’ve never seen him more excited about what was coming next.”

Cindy notes that Tommy was fearful of getting tested a second time because he didn’t know if he’d contracted the virus again . She expresses that the actor was looking forward to obtaining the vaccine as soon as possible.

“He wanted to be one of the first ones to get the vaccine because he wanted to be able to get his life back to normal and be able to spend Christmas with his daughter. He was looking forward to that and he thought he’d be one of the first in line because he was in his 60s and had a pre-existing condition. It’s so sad that he said that six days prior to passing, says Cindy.

As we previously reported, Thomas was found unresponsive within his apartment located in California on Thursday December 10th.

Our condolences to his family! 🌹

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