White Georgia Woman Set To Face Assault Charges Upon Threats Of Shooting Two Black Boys Riding Bikes For Allegations Of Trespassing, “I Didn’t Know They Were Children!”


A White Georgia woman is currently facing numerous charges of assault for issuing direct threats to two young Black boys riding their bikes within their neighborhood upon allegations of trespassing!

According to Yahoo News; Patricia Compton, 52 was notified by a neighbor that two unidentified people were trespassing through her property. Sources have confirmed that Patricia responded to the call by grabbing her gun and running to see who was on her property. However it has been indicated that Patricia didn’t own the land or property and that the area the two alleged trespassers had been spotted wasn’t where her home was located.

Reports read that Patricia proceeded to confront the reported trespassers only to come face to face with two young black boys riding their bikes. Patricia then demanded Kaleb Barnes, 12 and Ethan Hollis, 13 to “ STOP or I’ll shoot you!”

It has been stated that following the confrontation Ethan ran home to his grandmother Venita Kennedy who returned and recorded the entire ordeal through Facebook live.

Patrica tells arriving officers that she didn’t realize the boys were children and defended her response by stating there aren’t many Black kids within the neighborhood. She also states that if either of the two boys had approached her she would’ve shot them within self defense.

Police officials didn’t believe Patricia’s story at all. On the scene officials wrote within a police report that Patricia had, “ample time to react to their age and recognize them.”

It has also been noted that the boys were of no threat or danger to Patricia and that the incident took place within broad daylight. Officials also believe that Patricia knew the two young boys because they live within the same neighborhood and rode their bikes within the area often.

“With all of this information presented to her, she still decided to brandish a firearm,” states officials.

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