Oklahoma Creates History; Releasing 462 Inmates On The Same Day Due To Prison Reform!

The state of Oklahoma has recently redefined history ; scheduling the official release of 462 incarcerated prisoners in a single day!

Within effort to reform Oklahoma state’s criminal justice system; Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt signed and forwarded a legislation upon the Republican-controlled legislature on Monday, reports #Blavity. Under the legislation a total of 462 incarcerated individuals will be released on the same day.


Sources have indicated that Oklahoma is identified as having the highest incarceration rate within the entire county. This is the first time in U.S history hundreds of individuals will be released from prison at the same time.

Reports read the action for release derives from Oklahoma residents voting to change the law upon drug possession to a misdemeanor crime and increasing the felony dollar threshold from $500 to $1,000 for felony property crime as of 2016. It has also been stated that the 2019 HB 1269 bill was passed; which officially enables the Pardon and Parole Board to recommend inmates for commutation if imprisoned for crimes that are not considered actual felonies.


“This is a historic day for criminal justice reform in Oklahoma, as we send the largest single-day commutation of sentences in our nation’s history to the governor’s desk,” states executive director of Pardon and Parol Board Steven Bickley within a forwarded statement. “With this vote, we are fulfilling the will of Oklahomans. However, from day one, the goal of this project has been more than just the release of low level, non-violent offenders, but the successful reentry of these individuals back into society.”

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