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Jeremih’s Family Confirms He’s Been Transferred Out Of ICU Following Covid-19 Complications!


We are extremely pleased to inform you all that beloved R&B singer Jeremih has been released from ICU recently following complications from COVID-19!

According to People the news derives from Jeremih’s family members as they state, , “Jeremih has been transferred out of ICU. He will spend the rest of his recovery time in a regular hospital room. The true healing begins. Thank you all for your prayers and wishes.”

As we previously reported a representative for Jeremih had come forward to say that the singer had been taken off of a ventilator on Thursday.

However he also noted that Jeremih had a long way to go and still remained in critical condition within the ICU unit.

Cousins let’s continue to keep Jeremih as well as his loved ones in our prayers as he embarks on the road to recovery.