Mouthwash Trends On Social Media Following Study That It Can Kill COVID-19; Experts Confirm It’s NOT True!


Mouthwash is currently the topic of discussion throughout social media as forwarded reports from a recent study hint at the everyday household item being identified as a cure for the coronavirus!

We hate to be a bubble burster but the forwarded claims are untrue as numerous experts have confirmed its uncertainty.

According to @cnn , the idea derives from the notion that mouthwash obtains ingredients that could possibly kill the virus within 30 seconds. However thought it may have the potential of killing the virus it can not kill the source of the virus.

“Yes. There is some data out there — I am not saying it’s great data — that fill-in-the-blank substance inactivates or inhibits replication of coronavirus,” says Dr. Graham Snyder, associate professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

He continues, “You can’t sterilize your mouth. It is never going to be totally free of pathogens. Using these oral rinses won’t substantially stop the disease process. The virus will continue to replicate.”

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