Judge Dismisses 1988 Rape Claimed Lawsuit Against Russell Simmons Due To Late Submission!


Mogul and businessman Russell Simmons has been cleared from a ten million dollar lawsuit upon forwarded allegations of rape from a reported 1988 incident due to late filing!

According to the Daily Mail , a Los Angeles judge has argued that the propposed lawsuit was filed 28 years later than the allowed deadline for a rape case.

Reports read that the lawsuit was filed in March of 2018 following numerous accusations of sexual assault and misconduct claims forwarded on Simmons behalf following the Me Too Movement .

Sources have confirmed that the accuser known as Jane Doe to protect her identity was suing for sexual battery and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

She states that she was raped by Simmons in 1988 and that he told her if she didn’t submit to his urges that he would rape her son.

Simmons has denied all accusations that have been forwarded on his behalf. Though the accuser did not go on record for the statue of limitations with authorities she does state the incident took place in 1988, however she would have had to file the suit by 1990.

It has been indicated that Simmons legal team moved swiftly to have the case dismissed as the judge ruled, ‘Having received no response from Plaintiff during the two weeks following the entry of that minute order … judgment is hereby entered in favor of defendant, Russell Simmons.”

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