Update: Lori Harvey Avoids Jail Time In 2019 Hit And Run Incident!


The beautiful Lori Harvey has managed to doge jail time following her 2019 hit and run incident, however she’s still scheduled to pay for her actions within the court of law!

As we previously reported Lori was spotted behind the wheel of her Mercedes G-wagon by a witness that claims she was texting and driving when she slammed into another car.

Lori had fled the scene by foot, leaving her vehicle on its side within the middle of the street. It wasn’t long before she was nabbed by Beverly Hills officials not too far from the scene of the incident.

Sources have confirmed that Lori appeared in court earlier this week before a judge where she cut a deal with the prosecution team.

It has been indicated that Lori pled no contest to a misdemeanor upon resisting arrest. She has officially been placed on two years probation.

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