Update : LAPD Currently Investigating Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife!


Whelp it appears that music mogul Dr. Dre ‘s estranged wife is currently being investigated by authorities upon accusations of embezzlement!

According to TMZ , Dre’s business associate Larry Chatman recently went forward to the police upon claims that Nicole withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars from a business account without proper authorization.

Sources have confirmed that the forwarded report details that over $385,029 was allegedly embezzled by Nicole.

It has been indicated that LAPD officials are aware that Larry believes Nicole to be the culprit and that they are currently investigating her as of now.

Reports read that Dre previously accused her of making two unauthorized withdraws totaling to $385K within their active divorce case. However Nicole responded with the notion that she has a right to the money because her name is on the account.

Furthermore Nicole’s legal team argues that additional claims are not true and that this is an attempt to drag her name and character.

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