NYC Denies $900 Million In Back Pay Owed To Teachers!


New York City has recently informed school officials that they won’t be able to issue the last installment of their back pay owed to them as ordered within a 2014 agreement, reports the Daily News .

Sources have confirmed that the back pay agreement derives from the year Mayor de Blasio took office. It promises to properly compensate teachers for years worked under the Bloomberg administration without any pay raises.

It has been indicated that the last installment of the agreement was to be forwarded in the month of October.

Reports read that on Thursday a letter issued to the United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew from First Deputy Mayor Dean Fuleihan states, “ As you know, the city is dealing with an unprecedented pandemic which has left the City in a State of Emergency since March of this year.”

The statement continues, “The resulting budgetary impact on the City of New York, particularly without forthcoming Federal or State assistance, is both debilitating and not yet fully known.

In light of these circumstances, the Department of Education is unable to make a lump sum payment to active and retired UFT employees as had been scheduled for this month pursuant to the May 1, 2014 Memorandum of Agreement.”

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