Prayers Up: Louisville Officials Release Body Cam Footage Following Breonna Taylor’s Heartbreaking Final Moments!


The Louisville police department has officially released heartbreaking body camera footage of #BreonnaTaylor ‘s final moments following police shooting!
The body camera video derived from several SWAT officers who arrived on the scene following the raid and rapid gunfire that killed Breonna on March 13th, reports TMZ

Sources have confirmed that the footage provides the very first look inside of Breonna’s apartment after she was struck numerous times.

Within the ten minute video you can hear a SWAT member say to one of the cops on the scene, “ The female is supposedly the one that’s shot.” Reports read Breonna’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker had already surrendered to officials and was taken outside of the apartment. Kenneth is heard on camera asking through tears “ what is going on. We didn’t know who it was.” One unidentified cop says that they announced themselves three times.

It has been noted that Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron argues that the Louisville officers announced themselves and were completely justified in returning fire to Breonna and Kenneth.

As SWAT team members enter the apartment they called out to Breonna who’s lifeless body is seen at the end of her hallway. They then continue to search the apartment as they cross over her body before saying minutes later“ Ma’am can you hear us” ?

It has been indicated that other footage shows Breonna’s blood splattered on the walls with numerous bullet holes and shell casings on the floor.

Cousins please join us in sending love and light to Breonna’s family!

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