Rihanna Issues An Apology To The Muslim Community For Use Of Islamic Hadith At Savage X Fenty Show!


Following the official debut of Rihanna ‘s highly anticipated Savage x Fenty fashion show the multifaceted business woman received a bit of online backlash for the use of a controversial song played within the special!

Doom by artist Coucou Chloe which is identified in Muslim text as a Hadith is said to be spoken words of the Prophet Muhammad, reports BBC News .

It has been indicated within the Holh book of Koran, that Hadiths are categorized as one of the most religious texts of Muslim culture.

With the Doom song lies an Arabic verse that directly derived from a Hadith that speaks on judgement day, that was played within the Savage x Fenty volume 2 show.

Upon watching the show and hearing the controversial lyrics numerous viewers took to social media to speak on their disapproval and outrage.

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That’s why she’s our fave 🙏🏽

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Rihanna has since came forward to acknowledge the mistake by admitting that usage of the song was,” irresponsible and a honest yet careless mistake.”


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