Old Navy To Pay Employees To Work Election Polls In November!


The clothing franchise of #OldNavy is currently offering a full days pay to store employees to work election polls in November!

The official announcement was made on Tuesday noting that store employees that work the polls on Election Day will be paid for eight hours, reports CNN.

A spokesman for the company says employees, “will also be eligible for compensation from their local jurisdiction.”

Sources have confirmed that the Old Navy brand which is umbrellaed under the GAP obtains a total of over 50,000 employees across the country within 1,000 locations.

Together they’ve partnered up with Civic Alliance and Power the Polls to recruit 250,000 workers for Election Day. It has been indicated that due to the pandemic a few states have fallen short of pole workers.

“Every voice in this country matters and deserves to be heard at the polls, and if we at Old Navy can be even a small part of making that process more accessible to the communities we call home, we are on board,” states Nancy Green, head of Old Navy.


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