Joe Budden Responds To Ex Girlfriend Tahiry Jose’s Alleged Domestic Violence Accusations!

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Joe Budden has officially responded to his long time girlfriend Tahiry Jose ‘s remarks made on alleged domestic violence accusations!

According to Hot New Hiphop, Joe took to his popular podcast “ I’ll name this later” to directly address the issue at hand.

“This young lady is a liar. A cancerous, toxic liar. I’m uncertain why she’s lying this way, I’m not certain if she is misspeaking. If she has a false recollection of things,”

“I’m not sure what it is but she said some things that didn’t sit right with my soul. We’re talking about 24 or 25-year-old Joe and 25 or 26-year-old you.”

Joe continues by stating, “We were toxic to each other. And I’m glad that the climate has changed and we are able to have some conversations today that we couldn’t have back then because, today, I’m very comfortable saying, you were abusive! You used to beat my ass! You threw shit, you hit me, you kicked me, you did a whole bunch of shi*t.”

He states, “You said or made it seem as though your nose was broken as a result of abuse by Joe. You were not clear in how and when and why you got your nose broken.”

” And that Joe had absolutely nothing to do with that. You are a cancerous, toxic, clout and check chasing liar. You called me when you got into that physical altercation with that gentleman and he punched you in your face and your nose was broken. Why this story is coming up now and how it’s related to me exactly, I’m unclear.” 


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