Wisconsin Police Officers Shoot Black Man Within Point Blank Range As He Tried To Break Up Local Fight!


We regret to inform you of a recent police involved shooting of a local resident not only while attempting to break up a fight but also in front of his children!

According to @usatoday the incident took place a little after 5PM EST as officials were reportedly responding to a domestic violence disturbance in the area of 40th street and 28th avenue intersection in #Kenosha , WI.

Sources have confirmed that #JacobBlake was in the midst of breaking up a fight between two women right before the horrific incident occurred. A video of the incident was shared on Facebook showing Jacob attempting to go back in his car as two unidentified officers drawer their guns towards him.

The video shows one of the officers grab Jacob’s shirt as he continues to open his car door and that’s when they released a total of 7 bullets within point blank range.

Jacob was immediately rushed to the hospital where the Kemosha Police department has confirmed that he is currently in serious condition.

There are no further details at this time, stick with us as the story develops!


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