#Update: B. Simone Set To Host Free Entrepreneur Webinar Teaching Copyright Infringement & More!

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The self proclaimed manifestation Queen #BSimone is taking accountability and responsibility upon trending reports of plagiarized pieces of her book “ Baby Girl, Manifest The Life You Want,’“ by hosting a free webinar course for entrepreneurs!

“How can I ask God to use me and expect him to only use me in the ways I want? How can I ask God to use me and I get upset when I’m not being praised or on a pedestal? Sometimes when God uses us we are embarrassed, we are humiliated. Everything isn’t always glitter and f*cking rainbows. Lol don’t get frustrated with God instead ask him to speak to and though you during your difficult times…You all got to see me at my lowest moment, but I promise I won’t let it break me. And I never EVER want anyone to experience what I did or make the same mistakes I did.”

Sources have confirmed that the “ Mistakes You’ll Never Have To Make” webinar will feature multiple panelists speaking about the do’s and dont’s of building an empire, while also providing tips on how to financially run a business. The panelists will also issue legal tips, knowledge of Trademarks and how to repair a potentially damaged brand.

Source: Madame Noire

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