#CallEmOut : NYPD Officer Suspended After Viral Video Shows Him Using Reportedly Illegal Chokehold!


An #NYPD officer has officially been suspended after a viral video shows him using a reportedly illegal chokehold on a suspect that already had their hands behind their back!

According to CBS News the circulated video was recorded by a person that knew the unidentified suspect. Within the video you can see multiple officers tackle a black male as he ultimately lays his face on the ground and one officer putting his arms around the suspect’s neck.

Sources have confirmed that after someone yelled “ Stop choking him bro!” The officer lessened hope his grip but didn’t stop until another officer pulled him off.

Within a forwarded tweet Mayor de Blasio reflects on the video and praises the officer that rectified the situation by stating he did the right thing.
“The officer who intervened to stop his colleague did exactly the right thing,” Bill de Blasio tweeted Sunday night. “I commend him. That is what we need to see from all our officers.”

Reports read that the suspect declined medical treatment however there has been no indication of if he was hurt or not.

Source: CBS NEWS

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