Pregnant Black Woman Dies During Childbirth After Tweeting About Incompetent Doctors!


Black women have a horrific history of enduring severely difficult pregnancies as oppose to other races of women within the U.S. With Black women being identified as being eight times more likely to die due to complicated pregnancies; this notion derives directly from experiencing lack of resources, assistance and treatment from healthcare officials and doctors

A young New York City mother that tweeted about her experience of dealing with “ Incompetent Doctors” during her last two trimesters has been confirmed dead days later while undergoing childbirth.

Amber Issac, 26 had previously mentioned to her child’s father that she feared she wouldn’t make it through her pregnancy weeks before her passing, reports the Atlanta Black Star.

“She had mentioned to me that she feels like she’s not gonna make it,” states her child’s father Bruce McIntyre, 28,  to local news. “And I would try my best to cheer her up. She would tell her mom she’s really glad the baby is healthy, but she’s scared that she’s not gonna make it.”

Amber Rose Isaac. (Photo: Amber Isaac/Facebook)Amber Rose Isaac. (Photo: Amber Isaac/Facebook)

Amber Rose Isaac. (Photo: Amber Isaac/Facebook)

McIntyre goes on to state that Issac began to endure complications once she reached the 7 month mark within her pregnancy, indicating that her platelet began to drop within the month of February which caused major concern.

Sources confirmed that even though Issac was regularly attending virtual prenatal meetings due to the #Coronavirus crisis she knew that she needed to be seen by officials.

Reports read that on April 17th Issac was able to attend her first in-person visit. She was immediately admitted into Montefiore Hospital within the Bronx after her platelet had dropped again. It was that same day Issac tweeted: “Can’t wait to write a tell all about my experience during my last two trimesters dealing with incompetent doctors at Montefiore.”

It has been noted that Issac’s labor was induced by doctors after she was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome. The disease is described as being a group of symptoms that possibly appear in woman who experience a breakdown of red blood cells which elevates the liver enzymes.

On April 20th Issac then endured an emergency C-section where she was put to sleep but sadly never woke up from, further reports Atlanta Black Star. “As soon as they took the baby out, her heart stopped,” McIntyre tells concludes. “And she bled out. Her platelet levels were so low that her blood was like water, so nothing was clotting.”

He goes on to state that he was ultimately denied access to Issac’s C- section because she was under general anesthesia. McIntyre knew something was wrong as numerous officials were called to Issac’s delivery room for assistance.

It has been stated that on the day Issac’s son Elias was born NY state officials announced a plan of action to create a maternity task force that would assist pregnant woman scheduled to give birth during the pandemic.

A GoFundMe account has been established  by Isaac’s family to help provide financial assistance to her son and to help pay for her funeral expenses.

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