Tyler Perry Creates Genius And Safe Proposal To Re-Open Atlanta Studio!


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, when it comes down to being a creative genius #TylerPerry breaks the mole each and every time!

According to #TMZ Tyler is currently in the middle of creating a safe and secure plan to reopen his Atlanta, Georgia studio in a way that doesn’t compromise the health of himself, staff members or crew of actors during the #Coronavirus crisis.

Sources have indicated that Tyler would first have everyone tested for #COVID-19 to assure that no one has the virus and unintentionally pass it on to anyone else. Secondly, each person that tests negative would be invited onto the lot not only to work but to live in quarantine for roughly 2/12-3 weeks.

As we’ve previously reported Tyler’s Atlanta studio was formally identified as a gigantic army base with more than enough room to fit at least 30 bus loads of individuals comfortably. In addition to the various homes that were already there, Tyler has built another 40 usable homes for productions that have been listed as completely functional. There are fully equipped gyms, a bar, restaurants and even a hospital available on site. He’s currently working on bringing in a nurse and doctor to help facilitate.

Reports read that the initial phase will kick off around the production of his first six shows, he’s working on which will take around three weeks to film an entire season. Then the same crew would return to shoot a new season for another set of actors. It has also been noted that Tyler will be forwarding extra pay to those willing to work during this time.

As of right now he is working on the logistics making sure there are no union issues or technicalities. Though these are very uncertain times that we are all currently going through the plan sounds super creative and we can’t wait to see Tyler execute his dreams as he always does.

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