#ThingsWe❤️ToSee: Burger King To Offer Free Whoppers To Students Who Answer School Related Questions Correctly!


The fast food franchise of #BurgerKing is currently doing their part to help assure no students goes without eating or scholastic preparation while under #Quarantine lock down!

According to Fox News,

Burger King is currently offering their signature Whoppers burgers to students for free while the #Coronavirus pandemic continues. The only stipulation is each student must answer a school related question correctly.

Reports read that the home of the broiled burger took to their personal Twitter account on Monday morning to make the huge announcement within format of an algebraic equation.

It has been indicated that the questions forwarded to each student will fall under the subjects of math, science, and literature. Students who answer the questions correctly will receive a promo code to be used on the Burger King app and a free Whopper coupon will be issued.

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