Viral Footage Of Ohio Male Shouting “We Don’t Give A F**k About Coronavirus” While Hosting Large Party Leads To Arrest!


An Ohio male has recently been arrested for hosting a large party while recording himself stating “We Don’t Give A F**k About Coronavirus!!!”


Rashaan Davis, 25 of Cincinnati, Ohio has been identified within a now viral video partying over the weekend, while purposely breaking social distance guidelines issued by officials due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Footage shows the partygoers dancing on cars and in the street behind a local gas station.

Police officials have confirmed that there was an estimated 50 people at the prohibited gathering. Sources have confirmed that the gathering was live streamed on the social media platform of Facebook and then posted on YouTube. Upon Davis arrest the video had successfully gained over 50,000 views.

Within the live footage Smith peered into the camera and stated : ‘This is how we do it in my city, man. We don’t give a fuck about this coronavirus. This is how we celebrate our coronavirus.’

Reports read that Davis has been charged with a misdemeanor for the act of breaking the stay at home order issued by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

Officials state that Davis intentionally disregarded the order of social distancing while influencing other to do the same.

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