‪New York Experiences Decrease In Domestic Violence Clients As Coronavirus Leads Victims To Return Home To Abuser!‬

The state of #NewYork is currently experiencing extreme decrease in clients within their domestic violence hotlines as well as programs and shelter victims due to the #Coronavirus pandemic!

According to CNBC domestic violence victims are currently staying home to prevent the spread of #COVID-19, ultimately leading to men and women returning to their abusers. Sources have confirmed that a total of 7 shelters and domestic violence programs within New York City have all forwarded reports of an obvious decrease in clients.

Officials fear that these survivors are leaving shelters from fear of contracting the virus, however their only returning to violent situations which can only worsen.

Due to the exceedingly high rate of Coronavirus positively tested victims, domestic violence victims have ultimately been left with very few options of shelter and support.

“There’s a sense of isolation,” says Judy Harris Kluger, executive director of New York-based Sanctuary for Families. “If they are living with their abuser, then it’s a greater isolation and it’s a greater danger. There is no real release.” 

Sources have concluded that Sanctuary functions as a shelter for over 200 residents per night.

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