Former NFL Player Myron Rolle Is Now A Certified Doctor, Helping Combat COVID-19!

#Cousins; Former National Football League player Myron Rolle of the Tennessee Titans has officially swapped his cleats for scrubs as he now works as a certified doctor currently helping combat the #Coronavirus pandemic!


After making his official exit as a defensive back for three years; Rolle has since then graduated from Florida State University of Medicine and now works as a medical doctor at one of the busiest hospital, the Massachusetts General Hospital located in Boston, reports The Grio.

Sources have confirmed Rolle works as a third year resident in neurosurgery. He states that to this day that he utilizes game strategies to help him in the operating room.

“I think of the operating room like a game, like it’s showtime, let’s perform. I gotta do what I gotta do because people are counting on us right now. This is our time to help very sick people. So that motivation continues to drive me every single day,’“ states Rolle.

He goes on to state that to explain that he has been working closely with, “individuals with respiratory distress and respiratory compromise, and the numbers are staggering.” Rolle continues, “Our bed space, our operating rooms may even be turned into ICUs because there are so many people that are either positive with COVID-19 or suspected of having it.”

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