#WeCantMakeThisUp: Connecticut Doctor Arrested For Purposely Coughing On Nurses!

#Cousins , in today’s news section of #WeCantMakeThisUp a Connecticut Doctor has recently been arrested and charged for purposely coughing on multiple Nurses!

Orthopedic surgeon Doctor Cory Edgar, 48 was officially arrested on Thursday for a breach of peace and a misdemeanor charge reports Fox News. Sources have confirmed that officials arrived to UConn Health located in Farmington after receiving a report of a doctor hugging multiple nurses as he intentionally coughed on them, ultimately alarming staff members .

Spokeswoman of UConn Stephanie Reitz tells local news that, “The witnesses and medical workers believed he was purposely disregarding space and safety concerns involving the coronavirus pandemic.’“


Report read that the single misdemeanor charge is punishable either by fine or placement of six months behind bars.

It has been implemented that Edgar is not believed to have the virus, that he’s been confirmed to have been in excellent health at time of the incident. He has even came forward to state that he has not been in contact with COVID-19 as far as he knows.

Edgar is scheduled to appear in court sometime in June, no specific date has been forwarded as of yet.

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