Black Business Owner Bombed With Fake Reviews By Racists Due To Lack Of Inclusion!

While working towards creating something special and beneficial for Black girls and women around the world: Black business owner Beau Dixon’s efforts were minimized, after an empowering commercial was categorized as being racist by opposing women!

The issue derived after Dixon paired up with the global brand of Target to have her feminine product line Honey Pot sold in store and online.
The two powerhouses also created a commercial sharing Dixon’s story and how it wasn’t easy for her building a business from the ground up. According to The Grio, Dixon previously suffered from bacterial vaginosis for months and was visited by her ancestors in a dream to create a remedy that would heal her.
She goes on to thank Target for taking a chance on her and assisting in all ways possible.

Unfortunately, a group of racists weren’t feeling Dixon’s testimony or products and began to trash the review section online with both hateful and distasteful remarks.


One review read,“I was an avid fan and enthusiastic user of HoneyPot products. But recent marketing efforts with Target have highlighted a racially motivated component to the company that I am not only uncomfortable with, but outright disagree with.” Also highlighting a hashtag that read “#GetWokeGetBroke “


There were numerous comments made that completely discredited the 2014 plant based brand solely because the empowerment of Black women was something that both white men and women felt threatened by.


However, it wasn’t long before the Good Samaritans or #BlackTwitter came to the rescue to rectify the situation.

In conclusion we are pleased to state that Honey Pot sales have not only doubled but also have sold out in multiple locations!

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